What will you get in QuickBooks-2019?

The last year 2018 has been tremendous for QuickBooks. We saw some well performing and result oriented accounting features which made works easy and errorless for all most in every department. In 2019 you would be seeing lots of current features updates as QuickBooks team constantly focus on optimization the QuickBooks performance and their functionality. Latest news says that they have done their quality test and I am going to tell you what you will get in QuickBooks Desktop edition in 2019.

Let’s check it out 2019 updates below:

1) Sick & vacation Time Tracking would be more reliable.

QuickBooks has shorted out the issue of easily overpay against the Sick & Vacation pay. In the new update, you will get a warning alert if your employee exceeds too much sick time. Also, Employee pay subpage has a new format containing precise- Used, Available and Accrued Sick & Vacation information, so that your employee always be aware as what they have in their basket available.

(Only available with an active Payroll Subscription)

2) Inventory Improvement

In the previous update, by default, the inventory item summary does not include your inactive items in the report and just because this Balance sheet did not match with inventory summary report. Now the system will allow you to mark inactive items, however, you will get “Quantity On hands Isn’t Zero” prompt alert before making item inactive.

Also added a new feature in Inventory Valuation Summary report that displays inactive items done by you.

3) Invoice tracker improvements

This features already available in QuickBooks online but now QuickBooks Desktop user can also take the advantage.

Now you can access invoice history in a single click rather than going on multiple screens. There is a “See History” button in customer invoice, that will display consolidate information.

4) Easy to Transfer credits for customers and Job

Now you can save the time for creating credit memos for a specific Job as QuickBooks has created new features called “Account for credit transfer” to process this time-consuming time. It’s inactive and zeros out.

5) Intuit data protect

Now you can take your data backup file more prominently using “Intuit Data Protect feature.

These are all some interesting updates you will get in 2019.

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