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Terms & Conditions – QuickBooks Assists

QuickBooks Assists would like to thank you for availing our services. Before you begin, we will request you to carefully review our Terms & Conditions document before you start using our products and services. These terms & conditions will be considered as a legal agreement between you and QuickBooks Assists. By accepting it, you would agree that we can access any information shared by you as and when needed, or as directed by law. If you do not agree to any of the conditions mentioned herein, you may choose to opt out of availing our services.

Agreement highlights

This agreement between you and QuickBooks Assists now accords that you can use agreed services provided by QuickBooks Assists, including the available content as well as upcoming updates, along with the listed products.

The agreement includes:

  • QuickBooks Assists Privacy Policy document as listed on the website.
  • Any other terms & conditions provided to you separately, such as payment terms, product information, ordering criteria, or similar.

Your right to avail our services

Our services are protected by respective trade secret, copyright, and other property laws. You can have access to all of our services and products only for specified purposes as per the agreement. You will need to meet all obligations and agree to comply with the said agreement. Post that, you will gain limited access and right to avail our products and services.

By signing the agreement with us, you also agree not to use or allow any third-party entity to use our products, services or content under any terms. You must also agree to not reproduce, copy, trade or sell any of our services and products to other businesses.

Payment conditions

Any payment made towards us should be either in US Dollars or in any other currency that may be made available, along with the taxes as shown on the service or product and its terms of subscription. When you sign up for our services, your account will be charged for the said amount. You can also opt to pay with your credit card, e-checks, or any other available payment medium.

Additional terms

Please note that any advice we share besides our products and services is based on the proficiency of our experts. You may or may not choose to follow it at your discretion.

We will keep you posted about any new product or service that may incur an additional charge, and will seek your consent before processing the same

We are in no way, directly or indirectly, associated with Intuit or any of its products or services. If you do not wish to be served by a third party service, you may always opt to get in touch with them directly.