QuickBooks POS Support: What you can integrate with QuickBooks?

If you are planning to integrate your POS system with QuickBooks, you should always think about its benefits then only you can meet your expectation and save time and money. And if you are unable to integrate it,  you can take help from QuickBooks Technical support Team.

Just have a look some POS systems, that you can take on with QuickBooks.

POS (Point of Sale) is the place, where customer buy the product and make payment and this entire process called “Point of Sale

ShopKeep: ShopKeep can be considered the simple and elegant system that is designed especially for the small organization or I would say that big organization doesn’t prefer to use because of its Inventory item limitation which is 10000 only. It allows the user to track employee time and contain reports like sales, return, tender total and sales tax etc. you can also keep transaction and manage cash drawer activities.

Revel: Revel is actually partnered with QuickBooks. It means the integration process would be much streamlined and POS date like accounting, employee information, sales, payroll would be transferred automatically to your QuickBooks account. Its standard features contain kitchen view, expedite view and kiosk mode.

ERPLY: Once you integrate ERPLY with QuickBooks, you can process Credit card, Cash and Check payment and connect with shipping modules like FedEx and UPS. You can customize your purchase order and track your PO status. It also helps to generate real-time PO reports as well.

Talech: Talech boast the payment system, it allows making a partial payment,  issues cash back on the overpayment. you can manage cash with the help of cash drawer. It has the ability to customize the automatic discount, stack discount to the user groups.

Vend: It is an offline POS system that every customer look for. You can maintain a contact list and customer management become quite easy. with vend system, the user can manage inventory like adding or removing items from the item list also keep track of stock level.

Kounta:  Kounta is a cloud-based POS system that offers inventory management in which you can add unlimited items. it also offers fast payment option rather than being taken directly to the check out screen.

SaleVu: It is a mobile-friendly POS system and it has the ability to handle- adust/view inventory, Purchase order, vendor management, inventory adjustment reports, profitability, product label printing, out of stock setting. If you are busy and can’t handle payroll, you should contact us by dialling our QuickBooks Support number 1866-666-0209.

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