QuickBooks error -6000, -82: Are you ready for a Quick-fix?

At every nook and cranny on earth accommodating a small business, the need of a financial advisor, the one who can bestow financial help for business transactions, is palpable. QuickBooks, a reliable source for accounting needs fulfils basic requirements of a small or mid-sized company. It is mostly used to create payroll for employees, maintain financial accounts of the organization and take care of the banking transactions.

Sometimes, QuickBooks faces few errors which make it unable to either launch itself or related applications on the computer system. QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 is one of those stumbling blocks, which shows up when a user tries to access a company file on the system.

Before implications starts surfacing out, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the reasons for the sudden appearance of this error message. They are as follows:

1. Damaged .TLG file

While working with QuickBooks, it is seen that the information about the transactions is saved automatically in a TLG file. This file keeps on updating on its own without notifying about it to the user. If something goes wrong with this file, QuickBooks easily reflects it to the user by displaying an error message.

2. Sudden damaging of .ND file

The Network descriptor file is used to create connections by allowing QuickBooks user to access the company file. Any damage to this file can lead to the breaking of the connections with the file and the software making the user unable to access the file.

3. DSN file destroyed

Any destruction to QuickBooks file with .ND extension can lead to the occurrence of QuickBooks error. This data source network file is used to provide live connections to QuickBooks.

4. QBW file

All the QuickBooks files with this extension are used to display those files that are mainly used to keep all the financial data, templates, logo and images of a company in the money management software for a company.

Easy ways to fix the errors are provided below:

Walk yourself through the following solutions to help you tackle the aforementioned issues, if any in future.

1. Update Software

To overcome the error 6000 82, the user can update the software to the latest version. This way all the errors of the QuickBooks file are easily resolved and rectified. Also, it is good to work on the latest QuickBooks version.

2. Writing the correct file format

It is always seen that users usually add spaces before and after the name of QuickBooks file which leaves the user unable to open the company file in QuickBooks. In such a case, the users must remind themselves time and again that no spaces are added before and after the company name and the file extension.

To remove the spaces, user is required to follow steps as given below:

a. Close the QuickBooks software.
b. Locate the company file in the folder.
c. Right click on the name of company file; a flyout is displayed. Next, choose Rename option from it and remove any space found between the name and extension.

3. Using QuickBooks file Doctor tool

a. The QuickBooks file doctor tool is used to repair the company file by resolving the errors that enable the users to work on a particular file.
b. The users are asked to have the tool running or installed on the system. It is important to run a quick repair by using this tool.

4. Regular verification of the host status of the system

a. While working on single user mode, the user is asked to deactivate the hosting mode of the company file.
b. While working on the multi-user mode, the user is suggested to deactivate the multi-user mode on each client computer.

5. Local Hosting mode and remote files mode

This final step is taken when all the other above-listed solutions fail to resolve the error.
a. Press F2 key in QuickBooks, the Product Information window is displayed.
b. Make sure that Hosting is set to local files only.
c. With the file menu selected, activate the Switch to multi-user mode.
d. Launch a company file in QuickBooks.
e. Again, press F2; the Product Information window is displayed.
f. Under the local server information, make sure hosting is set to local files only.