Learn how to fix tax payment in QuickBooks

We all know that QuickBooks is a fair software for accounting, bookkeeping and business management needs. It is highly helpful in order to create invoices, recording expenses and handling tax payment for the business. QuickBooks can automatically track and calculate sales tax to be given, however, it has to be pay manually.

Could really QuickBooks make easy in order to adjust sales tax?

I know this question often occur when the time comes to pay sales tax. Every user want to know as how much sales tax we have to pay. If you need personal assist, you are free to call in QuickBooks Technical Support number.

If you are QuickBooks user then this article will help you out in order to know your sales tax and all.

For calculating and adjust the sales tax, it has a separate feature for this purpose. and it is very easy to use. when you click “Pay sales tax ” toll, then it will lend you in Pay sales tax window, wherein you can view the amount of sales tax that you are liable to pay. Also, it will show you sales tax adjustment that you need to apply for this payment. There is a separate window in QuickBooks, called as “Sales Tax Center” that will allow you to make changes in Sales Tax Payment.

What is the process to see Sales tax report?

If you want to see “Sales Tax Liability Report” then follow the below listed steps.

  • First of all just open your QuickBooks Software.
  • You will see the Tax Button in the left side of the window.
  • Now click on the Tax Button.
  • Then select the view report option.
  • Now you can see the dettails such as taxable amount, the tax owed etc.

How to record “Tax Payment” in QuickBooks?

You are required to follow below listed steps in order to learn how to record Tax Payment in QuickBooks.

  • As usual, you will open your QuickBooks Software.
  • There is a ‘Tax Buton‘ located on the left side of the window.
  • Click on the ‘Tax Buton
  • Select the ‘Sales Tax Owned‘ option.
  • The ‘Tax Agency’ for which the record payment is to be done should be selected.
  • Now Enter the details as displayed.
  • The Bank account number.
  • Payment date.
  • The end date of the tax period.
  • The tax amount.
  • Any comments if you want to submit with the payment.

If you want to adjust “Tax Amount” then you can click on ‘Make Adjustment’ Buton. In order to perform the activities, You need to make sure some points.

  1. It was used only for “Sales Tax Owned” section.
  2. It is important to provide amount in dollar for the tax.
  3. The changes could be positive or negative.
  4. There is optional option or giving the reason for changes.
  5. Enter the account detatils, inwhich you want to make changes.

How To Delete the Tax Payment QuickBooks?

Follow the below listed steps in order to delete Tax Payment.

  • Kindly open your QuickBooks and Click in Tax button.
  • Click on recent Sales Tax Payment option.
  • Now choose the Payment you wish to delete.
  • It will ask your confirmation in order to delete the payment.
  • Give the confirmation in Yes or No.

For further information you can reach out to us by dialing our Tool-Free QuickBooks Technical Support Number 1866-6660-209.

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