I have to install a physical inventory scanner

Do you want to learn installation of your physical inventory scanner with me?

Must read this article till the end to know the process better.

Before moving forward, Let me give you some ideas about QuickBooks software. Intuit is the software developer company, who developed this mindblowin software called as QuickBooks. Initially, it was designed for handling accounting and business management.

later on, they realized, that still, users are not fully satisfied with the QuickBooks, due to its limited features. Intuit has decided to know the user expectation from QuickBooks and they came to know that users are still struggling to manage their inventory and payroll.

Then Intuit launched two more edition QuickBooks Payroll and POS. Now Inventory management and Payroll management became easy. Time by time their updates were released which help them to become more user-friendly and productive software.

As per the user demands, Intuit has also launched QuickBooks POS scanner. As result, it quickly started dominating the market, ue to it’s user-friendly featutes like Sacnner is portable and precise while sacnning barcodes.

Physical Inventory Scanner Set-up:

  • Insert one side power cord or cable to the plug and second one side to cradle of the hardware.
  • Now fix the USB cable into the inventory scanner.
  • Put battery into the scanner.
  • Now turn on the device.

Note: The scanner comes with rechargeable battery and in order to charg again, you will get instruction and specification in the box itself. Read the instruction carefully and follow the steps.

QuickBooks point of sale physical inventory scanner installation:

Installation is very simple and If you are new then follow the below liested steps.

  • Kindly open your CD drive and put the “POS” CD into the CD drive tray.
  • Now you will get installation prompt, just simply avoid it by pressing the cancel button.
  • Click on CD drive, you will get multiple options.
  • Choose QuickBooks “POS” Set-up.
  • Now run the set-up by pressing the enter button or Click on it.
  • Click on the Set-up wizard in the menu tab.
  • Now follow the instructions.
  • Attach the physical Inventory scanner once you get prompt on your screen saying kindly attach the add hardware.

For more information Kindly call QuickBooks Point of sale support number @ 1866-6660-209.

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