How to add a new customer in QuickBooks point of sale

QuickBooks POS has received new updates, in which it has advanced inventory. This article is all about to learn how to add a new customer in QuickBooks Point of Sale. It seems to be very casual to add a new customer but trust me, it is very helpful and valuable for any type of business. We all know that customer want to make payment via credit and debit card. It is also very essential for you to ring a sale. This feature offers optional barcode that helps to provide a discount at any desired time with the customer information to CRM.

Let’s find out how to process it in QuickBooks Point of Sale. in case if you require speciol attention you can reach out to our QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

How to add a new customer?

Enter the first “Customer”.

  • Go to the customer tab and click on it, then select add a customer.
  • Now assign any name.
  • Also, enter the phone number and email ID.

Later on you can add more details as required.

The tracking system in QB POS

The tracking system in QB POS is absolutely mindblowing. The system is available in tracked inventory. If you want to know who is the best seller and how to record & what should be recorded. Entire information of the customer you can track very easily.

The customer transactions system once you have added a new customer in QB POS

The “process payment” in QB POS

If you are holding “Intuit Merchant account” then you can avail variuou type of payment transaction.

Steps to follow “authorization & process” credit/debit transaction.

  • Go to file menu.
  • Now select interview.
  • Navigate to payment tab.
  • Click on “Yes” if you want to accept credit and debit cards, then click to sign in.
  • Sign in with you user id and password to view the option.

How to process payment?

  • In your POS system select “make a sale”
  • Enter the customer item and choose the payment option.
  • if it is credit card payment then choose the credit card method.
  • Now swiping the card. It proved the card was available there at the time of the sale.
  • you should save time, by having the same information in QuickBooks work area. Please make sure installment option is also available for the customer and theycan avail it from “visa MasterCard, American express & charge card”.

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