About Us

QuickBooks is a splendid accounting tool that makes the life of every accounting professional in companies of all sizes a lot easier. Its ease of use and excess of features make it a preferred software over so many more available all around. The added fact that anyone with little to no knowledge about accounting at all can still use it makes it a clear choice software. You can use it to execute almost every task that is related to financial transactions, including taking printouts of invoices, receipts, statements, and more.

Despite it being a wonderful software, just like everyone else, we have always felt the need for someone who could provide round the clock support for QuickBooks. Many companies even employ technical experts trained to help you understand a few things even they didn’t understand a few months ago. This prompted us to step in. Since the beginning, we at QuickBooks Assists have emphasized on hiring accounting professionals who have themselves extensive experience working with QuickBooks.

Today, with an entire team of accounting experts, we have just about everything to deliver top-notch assistance. Our QuickBooks experts can be reached 24/7, for any kind of problem or concern you may have with your accounting software.

Our support services mostly comprise us helping you over the phone while you execute the troubleshooting yourself. If you feel that the steps are too technical for you to understand, you can also seek remote support from us at no additional cost. You can keep a close tab on what our expert is doing right there on your computer screen. If there is some doubt you come up with, put it forward. We will be happy to answer it for you then and there.

For your convenience, we also have a range of support plans to offer. You can make your pick among them as you like. Every pack comprises a different set of benefits, which helps you choose and pay for only what you really need. If you seek something more, you can give us a call, and we will be happy to help you from there on.